One size doesn't fit all. Top Tech Service will take the time to understand your unique business needs and customise Salesforce to fit, not the other way around. We specialise in fixing Salesforce implementations that don't quite live up to expectations.

More Info

Practical real-world experience in a variety of industries and roles. Not just IT people but a SYDNEY BASED team that will understand and explain concepts in terms you will understand. We will ensure usability as well as functionality.

Salesforce CRM Expertise

- Sales Cloud
- Service Cloud
- Field Service Lightning
- Pardot - B2B Marketing
- Salesforce Communities
- Xero Integration
- Automation
- Apex
- Paperless Office
- Mobile Access
- Solution Design

Our Approach

Every business is unique in the way that they work, the services or products they deliver and their culture. In fact, conventional marketing theory encourages us to be different. It makes no sense therefore to apply a standard implementation template to your CRM. If you can believe it, we’ve even heard the excuse “It must work! We’ve done the same implementation for hundreds of clients”. That is why we take the time to explore your processes and make sure that your Salesforce implementation is made to measure and not off the peg.